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guiding principles

OUR guiding principles will ensure sustainability in the agriculture and agri-food sector by:


Advancing research and program development with our national and provincial partners, and training the next generation of researchers.


Building sector capacity and growth by using research and program development to foster the next generation of farmers. Goals include enhancing labour, training, and retention to support worker health and safety, and resilience of the entire working population by addressing mental health barriers.


Solidifying foundational partnership with CMHA-ON, as the program deliverer. CMHA- ON currently delivers crucial programming to Ontario’s agricultural community; "In the Know", "Farmer Wellness Initiative," and "The Guardian Network." These programs use research and evaluation from CCAW to support their expertly run programming across the province.

risk management

Informing risk management for farmer mental health and expanding on the implementation of the Emergency Response Model for Mental Health During Agricultural Crises (Jones Bitton and Hagen, 2021).


Addressing risks posed to farmers and agriculture through the climate crisis, developing mitigation strategies, and creating conditions for industry to succeed and compete globally.


Supporting and empowering farmers and agri-food workers to take care of their mental health.


Developing programming that responds to the realities of farmers and participants and seeks to address barriers to participation, especially considering the needs of under- represented groups, including youth, women, gender-diverse and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, new Canadians, and international farm workers.


Acknowledging the challenging and multifaceted relationship of settlers and Indigenous Peoples in Canada and striving to understand these complexities by engaging Indigenous expertise and taking a reconciliation approach to The Centre’s work.


Developing a supporting framework for the creation of significant, multi-applicant, grant applications including federal and provincial governments, agricultural stakeholder groups, farmer owned associations, and industry supporters.


Establishing a national symposium that will highlight the work of the Centre, act as a research forum, and provide networking opportunities with farmer mental health focused individuals and groups and governments across Canada and internationally.